3 Tips For Making This Year’s Spring Cleaning More Effective

After months of cold and dark weather, the first light of spring has finally pierced through the clouds and lit up your household, making some real messes and grime marks noticeable. It can be truly surprising how such a lot of dirt and filth can get accumulated within just one year and stay hidden from our eyes for so long. Now that it’s out in the open, and time to get your “spring cleaner” mode on, you must determine just how you are going to go about this task and eventually make it a productive one. If you have already gathered all the right tools, equipment and solutions for the job, let us share with you a few tips for making it more effective than ever before.

A checklist!

In all the hustle and the bustle of the cleaning season, we can easily forget about some of the most important tasks we were planning on performing and this can seriously hinder the effectiveness of the project. Take the time to walk around the house and inspect every corner to figure out just how much attention is needed for each of them and make a checklist based on your findings. Be sure to check whether you’ve got all the right supplies in the garage from sponges to pressure cleaning machines and allocate funds to purchase everything that you don’t already have. By sticking to this checklist, you will manage the time and resources to get everything done in the best possible way, without missing even one.

More attention to the neglected spots

We focus our routing cleaning efforts on the sections of the property that are occupied at most times of the day and as a result, our efforts are limited to living room, kitchen, veranda and driveway cleaning Gold Coast and the rest is simply neglected. Spring cleaning is the best time to pay attention to those overlooked spots as well and really cleanse the entire house. Dust and grime can reach the most unthinkable of spaces and slowly accumulate more and more until it becomes a problem for you and your family. Heating vents, bookshelves, electronic appliances and bathroom fans are just some of such many areas where dirt can build up without being noticed. Effectively clean these by disassembling or removing if you have to and get them in shape to perform their jobs for the coming year.

Save the window cleaning for a gloomy day

Cleansing glassy surfaces in bright light can prove to be a very difficult task because it’s quite hard to spot stains in such reflective conditions. Select a gloomy day with overcast weather for washing or sponging your windows as this will make the stains really visible and make the job much easier for you.