Different Types Of Frames

Like a sparkling diamond on rings, the border holding a work of art such as paintings or images is the best finishing touch that will elevate the over all look of a photo placed into it. Putting work of art in a frame is an art itself as good choice of it can enhance the appearance of an image. While a poor choice of image border can make the image look less valuable. Below are some types of frames you can choose in displaying your images.

Wood type

This natural material gives a classic and warm feeling. It is good to use on a rustic or even modern homes. It can be light or dark in color depending on the wood type used. Photos with warm or neutral tones such as nude, orange or brown look better in dark colored mounts made from mahogany or walnut wood. Cooler tones such as blues, lavender, greens, looks good in light colored ones made from wood of pine, oak or ash. There are online picture framing made from wood with simple design and some with intricate details. So make sure to use the right ones for your traditional, rustic or country style home.


Using color black is known for a formal and elegant look that definitely applies in using black colored image borders. Black gives highlight to dark colored images and act as contrasting element to light colored images. So it’s best to use this type of frame in photos with both dark and lights hues of colors for a well-balanced look of every images in black frames.


White mounts are often used for a more casual and candid photos. It is nice to do picture framing family photos at home. White frames make dark colored photos pop out. Some people often use a combination of black and white frames hanging on their walls.

Metallic type

This type has a modern and trendy vibe. It makes every images appear vibrant and eye catching. It is best to use for stunning portraits and landscape images. Black and white images blend well to metallic type as the metallic color gives contrast to the photo.

Cloth type

This is not the typical image border you always see on the market. It is usually made from different fabric glued to a certain frame. Anyone can also do it at home and add different accessories such as beads, shells, or you can put a paint or embroidery to it.

Digital type

It is like a computer screen that can display a single or series of images. The display photos will continuously change from time to time or you can set it with only one photo on it. It is either battery or electronically automated.