Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger

With urbanization coming up, many of you may be living in a small apartment that is just enough for you and your family. Small spaces do get cramped up and cluttered easily, however it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. A few tricks up your sleeve, and your home will look bigger and brighter than usual. So here are some simple steps to do so.

Quick staging techniques

These are simple techniques that will not take a penny. First, de-clutter your home so that it doesn’t look cramped up. Clutter means more stuff and less visible floor space, making the room look smaller. Open the curtains and blinds from Able Blinds to let in more light. Space out your furniture to create more open areas between them. Move smaller furniture to the centre of the room so that there is enough space around it, while larger furniture can be placed at an angle to the wall, giving the room more texture and making it interesting. You can even push furniture to the corners so that the rest of the space can be kept open. Also, place a single object in every room that you want all the attention on, maybe a single crystal vase on the coffee table, a picture frame or painting, antique lampshade etc.

Use decorative items

Go for long curtains that match your walls to make ceilings look higher. Light and airy materials such as linen or cotton will not make the room look too heavy and suffocating. You can choose either the same colour as your walls, or a shade that matches the walls. Mirrors are an excellent object to make rooms look bigger. Once your outdoor blinds are opened, the striped pattern that will fall on the mirror will reflect all over the room walls, giving it an unusual but unique look.

Select size enhancing furniture

Choose furniture with legs so that the floor space underneath them is visible. Use transforming furniture to your advantage. Single furniture set with a pull-down bed or dining table, wardrobe and shelves would do the trick, especially if you are living in a very small one room apartment alone. If not, buy separate pieces such as an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, or a desk with shelving in the sides. You can even use clear furniture with glass table tops so the floor below is visible. If you can’t find them, choose furniture that is the same colour as the walls so that it tricks the eye to think there’s more wall space.